Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Dad is my Treasure - A poem by Anju K.S. 9A

My Dad is my Treasure

Father, you are my treasure
You love me a lot
You give me everything
I am glad because
You are the gift of God.

Dad you gleam in my life
When I am glum in my life
I can't laugh, I can't cry
Because if I begin to cry
Your heart will be shattered.

When I can't see you
I feel the pain of love
I remember your face at that time
I miss you a lot in my heart
Father you are my pleasure.

I love you Dad, really I love you
My love is not just for fun
It's like an ocean
Dad, please forgive me
If I ever made you sad.

I feel the depth of your love
I know your hard work
I know your heart
So I will try my level best
To fulfill you dreams.

I can't disown you
Because you are my Dad
You are my treasure
I am thankful to you for everything
I love you Dad, really I love you.

1 comment:

Greeshma S. said...

You made me remember my father
Thank you...